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The brand

The brand

Bragoon srl is a company registered in the “Innovative Startup” section of the Milan Business Register. It is an initiative of responsible entrepreneurship, the result of the desire of three Milanese professionals, attentive to the planet and the needs of the city they live in, linked together by a strong practical and aesthetic sense.

Bragoon stems from the idea of ​​creating a rain garment that combines design, fashion and technical performance and sustainability criteria.
A technical and useful product that, in a moment of explosion of sustainable urban mobility, fits into the generally monotonous rainwear market, offering a new style and colourfulness even in rainy days.
All is rooted in the awareness that rain is good for the planet and in the desire to experience rain with joy and style, thanks to practical, functional, imaginative rainwear always faithful to sustainability criteria.
Hence our motto: “Let it Rain”.

Bragoon garments are attentive to the planet and are made of polyethylene terephthalate obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles (RePET®). They are garments made to last over time and that will accompany you on rainy days season after season. Our sensitivity to the planet is reconfirmed in the choice of environmentally friendly packaging.

Inspiration:Inspired by Swinging London, when Mary Quant’s miniskirts, Vidal Sassoon’s cuts, the Beatles and Rolling Stones revolution invaded grey and staid London, Bragoon wants to actively participate in the great revolution of sustainable and ecological urban mobility, which is changing the face of our urban centers, colouring our cities on rainy days.
Our style can be summed up with the definition “Rain is the new sun“.

Create a collection of rainwear for those who want to experience the city with awareness and joy, even on grey rainy days. This is why we are Bragoon, Uni-versal Rainwear.

Bragoon: invented proper name, “Englishization” of a term typical of the Milanese dialect
Pronunciation: /bragun /
Etymology / Derivation: from the Milanese dialect “braghe”, trousers
Definition: wide trousers