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Bragoon is an example of responsible entrepreneurship.
We are convinced that, today more than ever, a successful project must reconcile ethical ambitions with commercial ones. Our goal is to create a product that combines utility and aesthetics with respect for the environment. At the root of the project there is the desire to create a product that is durable and eco-sustainable, for this reason we use a polyester fabric derived from recycled bottles (Re PET).

Our vision.
The idea that inspires Bragoon rainwear is that rain is good for the planet and that this awareness should put everyone in the right disposition to enjoy any day, even if it rains, experiencing the city exactly as if it were a sunny day.
Cities are today the scene of a great revolution: the new wave of individual, sustainable and ecological mobility is changing the face of our urban centers.
Bragoon was born to spread this wave, even in rainy days.

Guaranteed sustainability.
Bragoon has been rated as a sustainable brand and is part of Sustainable Brand Platform community. SBP is a digital platform that assists brands to evaluate their sustainability performance, guaranteed by blockchain technology.

Sustainable Brand Platform

Our fabric.
The first Bragoon production forsees rainproof clothing and accessories made with fabric obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles (RePET).
PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a 100% recyclable synthetic material. During the recovery process, PET does not lose its fundamental properties and can therefore be transformed repeatedly for the production of fabrics and other valuable products.

ciclo del PET

Our fabric is certified.

Global Recycled Standard logo

The production of Bragoon garments is care of an Italian company in the Lombardy area, chosen for its professionality and because its medium-small size allows excellent quality control of the product. The garments are designed in Italy and produced in Europe.

Our packaging.
We work to make our packaging easy to recycle and less polluting as possible. Each Bragoon garment arrives packaged in a recycled cardboard box, contained and protected by a biodegradable postal bag, made of natural resin with natural glues and ink, certified “OK Compost!”.

Ok compost logo