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Seventy gaiters

Seventy gaiters

Seventy gaiters


Uni-size gaiters

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For those born to be wild, rain is a good time to unleash Seventy, with which any urban trip can be a moment of transgression. Except for traffic law.

Bragoon waterproof gaiters are the perfect complement to rain pants. Used alone, they become a practical, useful and fashion accessory to protect your trousers and shoes from water.

The Bragoon waterproof gaiters are the perfect complement to make the trousers adhere to the leg and make it even more practical for cycling and motorcycles. The practicality of the velcro closure guarantees quick and easy donning. Worn alone, over jeans or with a skirt, they protect those used to walking around the city from rain and splashes of water.

Our garments are made of polyethylene terephthalate obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles (RePET). The fabric is subsequently resinated and finally heat-taped, to ensure a waterproofness equal to 10,000 mm of water columns.
This measurement provides the exact ability of a fabric to resist water and therefore its degree of waterproof.

It follows that, the higher the numerical value of the water column, the greater the waterproof in relation to the time of exposure to water. A fabric ensures minimum waterproof starting from a value of 5,000 mm of water columns.

Additional information

Product care

The garment can be hand washed with a mild detergent at a maximum temperature of 30°. For small circumscribed stains we suggest washing the part with a mild detergent, dabbing directly with a sponge.

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